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Go Obama!

Friends will know that I am by no means bashful about politics. I am a big democrat and a couple of weeks ago I really decided I loved Barack Obama for president this time around. So tonight I was thrilled when I heard that he had won the Iowa caucuses. This bodes well for him, since many had written him off as running for VP.

The Democrats really did take the spotlight from the Republicans today. The Republicans looked like complete clods with no direction and their only real message being Fear. While the Democrats came out looking like they had a clear direction, a good group of candidates with some real differentiation, but all with a “unity” and iconoclastic message.

I just got home and was reading what Salon had to say about the whole thing, and noticed this in the middle of the article:

Bloomberg Ad

Wow. Interesting. There has been a TON of talk regarding Bloomberg in the press tonight. All of this was no doubt floated by the Republicans and pre-planned in the event that they ended up looking like complete strange people. They need to move the focus off of their failure to capitalize on months and months of press coverage and muddying up the waters with something like Bloomberg is right up their alley. The Republicans are running scared, and that’s really good to see again.

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