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[Updated] Clearwire Makes Me Sad – Part 2

You may have read my earlier piece on Clearwire’s strange bandwidth management practices. Shortly after I wrote it, a representative from the company called me to see what they could do to make my life better. I informed him that I needed better data regarding what they saw as my overuse of bandwidth such as usage figures, time of day, etc. I also told this gentleman that I would have preferred a phone call or email prior to their intervention. He agreed to “look into it with engineering.”The following day, he called me back and basically told me the same thing that the Level-2 technician had said earlier that week: Clearwire couldn’t give out “proprietary usage information” to me – even though it was my account I wanted usage for. He also said that he noted my account so that prior to intervention I would be notified and given a chance to more closely monitor traffic.As a carrot to them, I offered to closely monitor my traffic for the following month and send them the data for comparison with what their systems saw. He didn’t really seem to understand this, but said he’d call me back in a month for an update.I received a second email from Clearwire today:

A message from Clearwire – Immediate Response Required: Second Email 555335

Mr. Aaron Huslage, We have recently notified you regarding an issue with your account.  An excessive amount of Internet traffic on your Clearwire connection is negatively impacting other Clearwire customers in your area.  These issues can be caused by a virus or spyware on your computer, by having a wireless router with no password set or by using peer to peer/file-sharing and FTP programs.

Until the issue is resolved, we have modified your connection to the network.  Please contact us at 888-657-1456 as soon as possible so we can assist you in resolving the issue.

I haven’t gotten a phone call or email from the gentleman who called me, level-2 support or engineering at Clearwire, but my account has once again been throttled. This isn’t unusual in this day and age, since good customer service is more often than not just placating the customer and moving on with business as usual, but my situation is particularly interesting.

You see, shortly after my second phone conversation I unplugged my router from the Clearwire modem and switched back to Comcast until my DSL line is installed tomorrow. I left the modem on, but disconnected all ethernet from it. There is simply no way that I can be sending any traffic on this link. No bandwidth should be being used at all!

I was mistaken. Apparently at some point during all of these fits of changing things around, I switched back to the Clearwire modem. My opinion of the company has still not changed, but in all fairness I am using the bandwidth.

Indeed this is a conundrum and I hope that someone from Clearwire will see fit to refund the money I’ve spent over the past two months and cancel my account. I’m not particularly angry or surprised over this, but my bandwidth needs are such that I cannot handle incompetence from my provider or inconsistency such as Clearwire has shown over the past 9 months I’ve been a customer of theirs.

Wireless technology is great, but the wireless ISPs out there need to step up and play the same game as others in their industry or they will continue to fall like flies.


2 Responses to “[Updated] Clearwire Makes Me Sad – Part 2”

  1. April 1st, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    PhoneBoy says:

    Surprisingly, Clearwire is available in Gig Harbor. However, it’s not in any way compelling versus Comcast or CenturyTel.

  2. April 2nd, 2008 at 9:46 am

    chrissey says:

    I can understand Clearwire’s desire to make sure that their other customers are not adversely affected by another’s usage. However, I think their customer service leaves a little to be desired, especially when we were attempting to communicate with Clearwire to help alleviate the situation! It’s not as if we were sitting over our internet connection gleefully rubbing our hands together as we hogged bandwith. We asked for more feedback that would help us fix the problem, and it is still unclear to me why someone from Clearwire can’t tell us, “Ok, it looks like on Tuesday at 11:00am traffic spiked considerably.” Instead of wanting to keep a customer and helping us with the situation, they chose to treat us like children with our hands in the cookie jar.

    It is certainly clear that we are not the type of customers Clearwire wants nor cares about because our internet usage is obviously outside their secretly established parameters. I am certainly happy to take our business elsewhere.

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