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Can you fix it? Everyone else can!

I’m getting sick and tired of everyone knowing how to “fix” Twitter. There is little use for this speculation. They don’t need help, but they do need time and space to do what they need to do. The general health of a service has little, if anything, to do with input from users. The fact is that no one knows what the problems are outside of the company and no one will know them unless they get a job there. The site goes down and the world blogs about it, tweets about it, screams about it in podcasts and no one cares. Even Techmeme put a one-word post from the intrepid Michael Arrington that said “Twitter!” on their front page.

The latest of these “thought leaders” happens to be someone named Nick Halsted. On his blog, he outlines an overly complex, ill advised strategy to fix Twitter. Please note that if your “system” involves a graph that looks like this, you are probably doing something wrong:


People who live in glass houses…

Stop talking about it and go do some work, for heaven’s sake.